The Power of Perseverance

The Story of NSA Swim's Rise to Success

The Story Behind No Strings Attached Swimwear Brand

NSA Swim is an authentic brand with an inspiring story behind it. This isn't your typical mass-produced fashion brand; it has a unique story and mission behind it. The brand is named No Strings Attached Swimwear, even though it does have strings.

Stephanie's Early Days Learning to Sew

Sewing Runs in the Family

Stephanie's love for sewing started at a young age during her weekly visits to her grandmother's house in a small town near Pittsburgh, PA. Her grandmother was an exceptionally talented seamstress who taught Stephanie how to sew and make custom creations, including intricate beadwork, dolls, and knitted pieces, during their family's weekly Italian spaghetti dinners on Sundays.

A Passion for Creating

Rediscovering Sewing in Early 20s

However, Stephanie's passion for sewing was put on hold when her family moved away to Florida when she was young. Nevertheless, the desire to create never faded from her heart, and in her early 20s, she enrolled at the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to learn all aspects of designing for herself.

Swimwear Design

Initially, Stephanie thought she would specialize in wedding gowns with color. Still, she changed her mind after taking a swimwear design class. Stephanie struggled to find swimwear that fit her petite frame correctly, and it was an issue she wanted to solve. Stephanie wanted to create swimsuits that were both comfortable and flattering for petite girls. She created her own patterns, grading scale, and sourcing high-end fabrics and laces that were not typically used in swimwear. Additionally, she created a special elastic to avoid pinching or stretching out of swimsuits over time.

Years of Hard Work

The Journey to Building a Successful Brand

It took Stephanie many years of hard work, creating collections, and participating in fashion weeks while working other jobs to pay her bills and fund the business. She never had any investors or employees; it was just her sewing every single swimsuit herself, ensuring every suit was of the highest quality and the best fit. She finally took a leap of faith and made this business her only profession after 12 years of dedication, never working less than 60 hours a week between both jobs. In 2018, NSA Swim became a successful, growing, and recognized brand! Stephanie has taken over the Las Vegas day club scene, providing all the swimsuit uniforms for hotels such as the Wynn and Resorts World, to name a couple. She still sews her bikinis one by one, only bringing in seamstresses when needed, under her watchful eye, to ensure everything is done as she would do it herself. The brand is 100% American made and run.


The Growing Success of NSA Swim

NSA Swim's success has also led to the success of Stephanie's family. She married her husband Tyler in 2018, and they welcomed their daughter Aspen in 2019 and son Saylor in 2021. Now, NSA Swim is a family-run business. Stephanie's story proves that the American dream is still possible through hard work, dedication, and never giving up. No Strings Attached embodies all that is achievable when you live your dreamjob.